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Market Protection Program

The program aims to provide legal services and awareness to those in this field to provide the legal protection for them and reduce the number of cases they are exposed to as a result of violating the...

Collection, Rights Restoration and Judgments Enforcement Program

the Group provides collection, rights restoration and judgments' execution services as per the latest international standards, the debts recovery of the new and troubled clients, the rights recovery a...

Legal Departments Program

The legal department is considered one of the main departments in each company, and it is a specialized department that cooperates with other departments to achieve the company's goals, and ensure the...

Expert Consultants

The group offers a distinguished team of advisors, former court presidents, and a select group of experts in various fields .

legal consultation

The group provides advice and advice in accordance with local laws and regulations, prepares internal regulations and policies in compliance with local laws, to resolve all judicial disputes, and draft contracts for all levels.

Projects licensing and government relations

The group includes a distinguished elite of professional experts and former workers in various government agencies, where the work of the group does not depend on the task of licensing these projects only, but its services extend to examining the possibility of licensing them or not, before contracting them and within the framework of full commitment to work according to the highest standards of accuracy and honesty

International Legal Services

The group provides its clients with many international services in various fields, as the group has relations with distinguished legal companies and offices spread in most countries of the world, where it provides its services through it internationally in the countries in which it is located, within the framework of the legal responsibility of the group.


Legal and Rights Training

This is done by studying the training needs, preparing the training content, following up the trainees, helping to develop the legal human resources, and recruiting them in work of a legal nature

Debt collection, Rights Restoration and Judgments Enforcement

Due to the importance of the money, the Group has been assigned to one of its specialized legal centers, called the International Legal Center for Debt Collection and Rights Restoration, which is entitled "No collection, No fees").

Legal and Advocacy-Law Consultations

The Group provides its clients with the services of legal consultancy and advocacy works through one of its specialized legal centers, called the International Legal Center for Legal Consultations and advocacy-law works

Work and Labor Disputes

The Group provides legal advice to its clients (Individuals, companies and institutions) in all work and labor fields and disputes, providing advice and consultation to them in accordance with the local labor law and regulations

International legal services

The Group provides its clients with many international services in various fields.

Licenses and Government Relations

Due to the suspension of the operation of the projects of all types and sizes, and the fast termination of its licenses related to it at the fasted time and at reasonable costs

Contact us for all your legal advice

All your inquiries will be answered from a distinguished group of consultants, former court presidents, a select group of different ranks and leadership positions, accountants, account controllers, social insurance experts and licensing experts in various fields according to your legal inquiries.

More than 20 years of experience

We dedicate our experience over the years to support and provide legal protection for you and your property

Best Attorneys team

The group presents a distinguished team of lawyers, consultants, former presidents of the courts and a selection of experts in various fields of law

Complete confidentiality for our clients

We are always keen to maintain the reputation of clients by strictly adhering to the confidentiality of projects, information and any data related to the client, not to conflict of interest, and the application of the highest level of governance standards